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Application: Paints for industry.

Application: Podkłady.

Posiada atest higieniczny

CHLOROTIX chlorinated rubber primer resistant to chemicals

Opakowanie: 5L, 10L Czas wysychania: (1°) - max 3 godziny

W temperaturze 20±2°2C i wilgotności powietrza 55±5%

Wydajność: (40µ) - 11 m²/dm³ Gdzie kupić


Light grey


Intended as topcoat: - for anti-corrosion protection of steel and cast iron surfaces exposed to chemically aggressive atmosphere, indoors and outdoors, - in combination with chlorinated rubber paints for chemically resistant priming. CHLOROTIX can be used for painting machines, equipment, industrial structures, storage tanks in electroplating plants, sewage treatment plants, etc. The enamel seals the anti-corrosion coating, hence it provides protection to paint coated items against the direct effects of the surrounding atmosphere and gives them an aesthetic appearance. It can also be used to protect external surfaces of concrete and plaster exposed to direct contact with chemically aggressive gases, vapours and solutions.


The coating is: - smooth, - opaque, - matt, - well adhesive, - resistant to aggressive gases and vapours, in particular acidic and alkaline gases and vapours, - resistant to temperatures between -20ºC and +60ºC (short term up to +80ºC), - quick-drying.

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